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Have you ever considered what the state of utilities construction would be like if flowable fill wasn’t created?  

We have, and it’s enough to keep us in constant innovation mode.

The team at MK1 has been developing products for the Texas concrete industry since 2003. When we started, we purposely didn’t purchase volumetric products to just turn around to sell it back to contractors. 

Instead, we focused on the MK1 sweet spot: chemistry. Who doesn’t like to poke around in the lab with some fly ash experiments? Our formula has evolved since the early days, but it still remains a reliable, safe and environmentally-responsible flowable fill product for microtrenching projects in the fiber optics, water and gas


Person pouring concrete into trench

How does MK1 help its customers? 

It’s gratifying when some of our early customers - San Antonio Water System and Google - recognize the immediate benefits in using MK1’s flowable fill mixtures. We save municipalities TIME, we reduce construction’s impact on the ENVIRONMENT, and we provide unparalleled SERVICE.

We want to talk more about those benefits. 

The time we save for our customers is invaluable on paper. Think about it - how many times have you driven through your neighborhood and encountered a construction detour for unplanned road work? Prior to flowable fill innovations your street might be closed for days leading to backed up traffic, longer commute times and/or unrestored utilities. The products we offer municipalities set up in hours versus days so we can all get on with our lives. The more efficient a product out of our lab is, the more a customer saves in their budget and for their residents in the long run (hint, hint: taxes).

Combined with our love for chemistry is our love for the planet we inhabit. The impact on the environment remains our core focus when we create our mixtures. Today, we are being pushed to innovate even further as fly ash - a byproduct of coal refineries that we recycled into our products - is not as widely available thanks to environmental measures to reduce carbon emissions and find alternative sources of energy in the U.S.

We are progressing with the changes to explore new solutions that take the emissions out of cement and concrete production. The need to develop sustainable products and lessen the carbon footprint of the industry we support is important, and dare we say required these days.

When the product serves its purpose and delivers as promised, it makes sense that MK1 is also known for exceptional client satisfaction. But, we don’t stop there. As a small, family-owned and operated company, we keep service front and center of everything we do. From the products we sell to the trucks we send to job sites, the relationship we hold with our customers is equally important. This approach to business is the reason our customers stay with us and rely on us to deliver for them project after project. 

This post is just a small introduction to MK1, our mission and our services. Stay tuned to this monthly blog to see what comes next from our team. 


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