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Thalle Construction Company, Inc. is one of the most respected infrastructure contractors working throughout the U.S. Thalle has extensive experience completing a wide variety of civil construction projects in both the public and private sector.


Thalle contracted MK1 to provide flowable fill for approximately 30,000 cubic yards for the IPL project in Corsicana, Texas. They were given access to a staging area on site to ensure a fast turnaround for loading and delivering of the product.

“The MK1 team delivered material in a timely manner with a professional staff that was easy to work with and able to provide more than 900 cubic yards per day when required. They exceeded all expectations of what a material suppliers’ performance should be when constructing such a large project.”

Project Executive, Thalle Construction Company

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MasTec is a leader in designing and constructing infrastructures for electric power generation and
transmission and oil and natural gas pipelines with a large team of specialty engineers and contractors.

MasTec Inc of North America San Antonio Division has developed an exceptional business relationship with MK1. They have supplied this company division with flowable fill material as needed in excess of thousands of cubic yards over the years.

" The MK1 team is the backbone of our subgrade restoration process for driveable surfaces. Not only do they provide the materials needed in a timely manner but there are strict specifications that the material must pass. There is no doubt that we will be working with this team long into the future.”

Supervisor, MasTec of North America

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Facilities Rehabilitation Inc. is an underground utility company located in Texas. The MK1 team has been supplying quality CLSM to Facilities Rehabilitation Inc. for more than four years. Most of these projects are for the San Antonio Water System and involve multiple work orders.

These complex projects are time sensitive and daily needs are not always known until they arrive on-site. The MK1 team continues to successfully meet the fluctuating needs daily.

“We would recommend the MK1 team to anyone needing the products they provide”

Operations Manager, Facilities Rehabilitation Inc

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